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So. Flipping. Beautiful. <3
09 April 2011 @ 07:50 pm

Anyway. Changed the livejournal theme to something from estiloamor and it's pretty isn't it? It's pink! I love pink! ... Okay, I know; I sound sarcastic but I mean it.

Adding to that, I joined the our_khrproject and now translating something 5927. They are adorable. At least in this doujin. I'm actually not into shounen-ai but heyyy, a change of type can be nice too... Once in a while. xD

WORLD - The RP itself is still ongoing (incredibly slowly); the wiki still under some designing and information updates. I'm doing it all by myself; which takes about forever and a half. xD The otome game is still ongoing, and still recruiting even though I know no one is going to help me with it. I would need a programmer, BG music director and crap because I am not that multi-talented...

HOTR - The RP is slowing down due to mock exams, but we're still going on. Nothing much. Need to update the HOTR blog but eh... And the game is still under art-planning process. I need people who can draw BGs because I can't draw BGs for life... Everything else is fine, and I'm using Ren'Py for this game.

FF:VE - Ongoing. In my book. I just need to type it in. 8D

Summer Love ~ BTR Fanfic // Something fluffy and cute. And romantic. A bit cliche'd but not so. I was going through a phase during the KCAs, okay?!
03 April 2011 @ 07:10 pm
If a movie was made of your life, what actor would you want to play the lead? What about the romantic interest?

I'd totally want Ashley Argota to do my part. And as for the romantic interest.... Maybe Logan Henderson or... Hmmm. Someone chubby and big. <3
03 April 2011 @ 04:28 pm

Yeah, I finally got her voicebank to work properly. Altered the UST by one note/syllable. ;) Hope you enjoy.
24 March 2011 @ 01:19 pm
This weekend I gotta press myself to study.
06 March 2011 @ 04:26 am

T ( Innuendo, gore, blood )

Clueless. Running.

From the violet-colored wisps of flames.

She was the only hope for everyone else; to save this rotten village from the mass arranged by the Malice. Too much was asked. Specific body parts of women.

And this time it was a 14 year's old feet. Feet. She couldn't imagine living without her feet.


She fell. She tripped over roots of a tree. The violet-colored flames slowly approached her and she made her decision.

With her right hand, she took a knife that was hidden in her sash and cut off her feet. The ritual would be a failure. No more women will have to suffer from these pointless rituals.

The reason why the ritual would fail, was because that the Malice would have to suck off her feet from her. She would rather die from loss of blood than of that. It was disgusting.

Darkness enveloped the area; the area hidden in a forest. Long gone.

The Takemori Village ( 竹森村 ; Bamboo-Forest Village ).


10 Years Later

A group of students from all over Japan signed up for a country-side trip; mainly consisting of couples in love and some strange punks. This time, it centers around four students; who are almost strangers to each other. Amaya Saitou, the loner who is anti-social but longs for a friend. Kairin Yoruka, an orphan who skateboards and is actually extremely shy. Rurinko Akahana, a junior of Kairin who looks up to him to the point of idolization and Nicholas von Klein, the one with the ability to sense invisible things.

They meet in the bus and the when the bus suddenly crashes and only they survived... What would happen if they passed through a Shinto gate, with the characters of Takemori Village written on them? Running towards to other side of the gate again pulled them back into the area. What were they supposed to do?

Mysterious and quiet, this loner lives by herself at a young age due to her parents' divorce. She could not contain her mother's wish for sympathy; so she left. Despite how cold she may seem, she longs for a companion. She has an incredibly weak sixth sense but is able to see ghosts when they are right in front of her.

Name Amaya Saitou (天谷再等)
Age 16 Years Old
BWH 75-62-80 // Height, Weight 5'4", 56kg
Blood-type O
Likes Black, photography, mystery, silence, darkness, ghost stories, urban legends & myths and headphones.
Dislikes Crybabies, betrayal, people and earphones.

Usually quiet, he tends to be pretty shy and nice at the same time. Gets flustered easily. Somewhat naive for a guy of his age, but still tries his best to not be as childish. He has a pretty low temper. Has strong instincts; with a protective nature.
Name Kairin "Kai" Yoruka (会林夜歌)
Age 18 Years Old
Height, Weight 6'1", 82kg
Blood-type A
Likes Tech, books, gadgets, music, headphones, black, casual clothing, hoodies and skateboarding.
Dislikes Mosquitoes, caves, small spaces and mystery.

Easily influenced. She has a crush on Kai because of his kindness. Has a terrible sense of direction, giving this in as a weakness. Despite that, she has a strong physical power.

Name Rurinko Akahana (流林子赤花)
Age 15 Years Old
BWH 63-60-63 // Height, Weight 5'3", 62kg
Blood-type AB
Likes Candy, cakes, Kai, texting, Martial Arts, flowers, phones and just about anything that's cute.
Dislikes Amaya, darkness, dango, ghost stories and liars.

Cute and small, he is actually very sensitive about people making fun of his size. He has a strong sixth sense to the point he can perform telekinesis but is physically weak and slow, if not slightly handicapped due to his permanent injury in his left leg.
Name Nicholas von Klein
Age 16 Years Old
Height, Weight 5'3", 50kg
Blood-type B
Likes Music, photography, history, green tea and urban legends.
Dislikes Couples, the color pure white, aeroplanes, spiderwebs and blood.

Do realize that she didn't draw for me, these are just references for the characters' appearance.
01 March 2011 @ 06:59 pm

It wasn't that hard to detect her. He could easily find her amongst the bush of roses. Her grey hair and pale skin stood out from the green of leaves and red of roses.

She had always been the mysterious one out of the four of them who were stuck in the world of dead... And better yet the most knowledgable. That made her the most suspicious by default. Yet there was something about her that made him feel as though he needed to protect.

Marijie was cute too but she didn't seem to be a type of his and she was flirtatious for one. And another thing about Miyu was her hair and eyes. They were natural but he could tell she wasn't born that way.

'Miyu!' he called out to her, hoping she heard him. She was far too deep in the forests, and she turned to him... With a red nose and flushed cheeks. 'Miyu?'

She bowed her head in despair. Usually Jinya would resolve to ignoring it but ever since the time she started to smile at him, he felt a small bud blossom in his heart.

He ran to her and caught her in his arms. He knew he shouldn't ask. She sobbed in his arms. She had always posed to him as the serious and independent woman... Where did that persona go?

'I'm sorry, Jinya...' she shook as her hands clutched at his sleeves. He was puzzled. For what? 'I... I'm a spy.' Jinya's eyes widened at her confession.

'But Na'iff isn't right! He's just a kid...' he protested. Miyu was in confusion. So was Jinya.

How would that kid named Na'iff, who appeared out of nowhere, know of a spy being in that group? Who could trust him? Of course, he was just a kid. But in this world, everyone and everything could be a threat to them. The four of them are the only people they could trust.

But thanks to the appearance of Na'iff, they could hardly trust one another. And because of that child, Miyu decided to stray away from the group. Only Jinya resolved to finding her. Alex was too busy trying to look for Marijie. Na'iff would be on his own, and Jinya couldn't care less about the kid.

'Miyu... Na'iff is likely the spy himself, and we all know that you do know The Rose in person,' Jinya said as he deducted information in his head. 'And you tried to help us many times. Including when we first met... Remember?'

It was the first day in Thorneapus. They met in the city where it was European style and while Jinya asked her many things, he was about to touch a rose…

A blue rose, to be exact.

It hypnotized him. Sending him to feel the need to touch it. But it was a trap. Beauty deceives. If anyone in the world of Thorneapus touches a rose, they’ll turn into a zombie, and in a permanent coma in their real life. Miyu jumped onto him to push him down to the ground, to make sure he did not touch the rose.

After reminiscing, he then realized that his fingers were running through her gray hair. Her matching gray eyes looked at him with it’s gazing sharpness. It left him speechless. “Jinya?” she was questioning. Why were his fingers running through her hair? It was not a normal gesture.

A hint of red was on Miyu’s pale cheeks. Jinya was flustered. “I’m s-s-sorry!” and he gently pushed her away and turned around. “Let’s… Get you back to Alex and Marijie…” he said, face still flushed in red. Miyu shuffled uncomfortably behind him, and nodded to herself.


Jinya is 100% kouno_utau's. And I tried to keep him in character.
Main storyline is 100% owned by me, kouno_utau (look, get yourself a fine nickname I can call on the net. Unless if you want to stick with Faith), Dfeard and Ami.
01 March 2011 @ 01:34 am
 Actually, no. I'm just being sarcastic whyyy it's 1:29AM here of course I'm sickening. 


Oh right, I wanted to write scenes for the WORLD otome game. FInally posed there now. And edited the wiki, so if you'd like to know about what WORLD is, go on, click the link and trust me, we won't kill you.

Ok my anemia is kicking in now gtg.
16 January 2011 @ 09:27 pm
A virus spreading across the world through sleep and dreams.
A mysterious game that brings death to those who plays it.

And four people with strong, symbolic personalities met in their deep slumbers just to find a way back to the living. These four people symbolize the four card suits : spade, heart, club and diamond.

In a revolving world of dreams, they venture to find gems that matches with each of their personalities. With these gemstones, they can find and defeat "The Rose"; the mastermind behind all these complexities. 

What is his reason of creating the virus?
What is the relation between the virus and the game?
How did "The Rose" know these four people?


So... What'd you guys think of that? (: 
It actually started off pretty simple. Four people with their own weapons, stuck in a dream-world fighting zombies but heh, it changed. Into a more solid concept. For more, wait till the VN is done. I've done some simple drawings of the characters, just need to color them in.