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DUEDDDDDDDD this place is half-dead.

 Like. Seriously. I have no idea what progress am I supposed to put here. xD;; WORLD is slow, simply because a lot of planning is in process. Adhelm Burton is growing and apparently we're going into the main plot/first arc now (this looks promising, to be honest.) while... I'm just not sure what to do in Final Frontier. Also, joined Maki's Mass Effect RP. 8D Fff- sorry, I'm such a fangirl. > > And I love Sci-Fi, okay?

Anywayyyyyyy, new stuffs!
- I'm actually joining an anime-chorus thing, as a singer/voice-actor and mixer! :D It's called Antitheticals. I wanted to be an artist, but found out it'll be too hard for me to draw stuffs like that because my style is more to manga/illustration than anime-style. ^^;; Also, I'll be one of the antagonists so look forward to it! :D (Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy)
- I'm in SymphoniaChorus as Megurine Luka. :3
- And wayyyyyyyyyyyy into Maximum Ride it's not even a joke.

Most of all, but not least.
- I fell in love with Iggy and Fang. /shot

Is there anyone who would like to private RP with me? D: Maximum Ride, I mean?
Tags: anime, cover, fandub, fantasy, max, maximum ride, original, sci-fi, singing, symphoniachorus, vocaloid
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