rikiolicio (rikiolicio) wrote,

STFU, I know.

I haven't been writing over here.

But school ended, and even so don't expect me to go rape my LJ, I'm more to raping my depressing blog. Despite that, I have been playing too much Pokemon Black arghhh need to defeat the Elite Four now, so I'm training my Pokemons and like all of them are now at Lvl 44. o.o'' I love Generation V so much! And my character (Chou) just seems to have the best... Idk, trainer card. xD I picked her as an Ace Trainer and a Naughty nature haha. :D

Also, I have been pretty busy - first three days of holidays I had been out - writing seminar for two days and then a whole day out with my friends for Galactic Laser Tag. That was fun! kouno_utau  was there too! :D By the end of the Laser Tag sessions though all our legs were dead. xD 

I bought Pokemon Black on that dayyyyy! /shot

Anyway, after those three days - I was sick for how long and I'm still coughing now; just got my antibiotic a few nights ago... And.. Yeah, still recovering over here. :|

So... I need time to go catch up with my singing and RPs and animations... And yeah, procrastination from all these things I enjoy are gone... I just need time to make up for the late fanfic chapters though.

And with that I poof.
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