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 Nyah. Videos embedded don't really want to appear it's pissing me off. o.o'' And I'm such a Wapanese. <3

Btw, sang "Pray for" and "Omoide Kakera" (Memory Fragments) but still waiting for an illustration to match with my Memory Fragments yayayayay finally getting my own PV so I can cross-upload on Nicodou and Youtube. * v * Well actually I don't have as much hope for the illustration because I suck at singing. xD;; She is the artist I requested for the illustration from because her art style is so abstract, just what's needed for Memory Fragments. o v o

I swear Ai did a great job mixing ahhhnnn. <3

Btw, yep; working on the pictures for HOTR, I think I need someone to scan... Whoever who has a good scanner. Or like a good tablet so they can lineart the thing for me. 8D;; Then again I'll color and hopefully I'll do a great job. I really like the rich storyline ahhhhnnn. <3 I think I'm fangirl-ing over my (and friends) story. And characters too ahaha I am really strange.

Btw, go stalk kouno_utau . She makes a great RPer. 8D Hopefully the rest of the crew of HOTR will make their own Livejournal so they can post up here. o v o The RP will soon be up on hotr_rp .

Adding to that, sketches, progress etc will soon be posted up once I know someone who doesn't mind scanning things for me. xD;;
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