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09 April 2011 @ 07:50 pm

Anyway. Changed the livejournal theme to something from estiloamor and it's pretty isn't it? It's pink! I love pink! ... Okay, I know; I sound sarcastic but I mean it.

Adding to that, I joined the our_khrproject and now translating something 5927. They are adorable. At least in this doujin. I'm actually not into shounen-ai but heyyy, a change of type can be nice too... Once in a while. xD

WORLD - The RP itself is still ongoing (incredibly slowly); the wiki still under some designing and information updates. I'm doing it all by myself; which takes about forever and a half. xD The otome game is still ongoing, and still recruiting even though I know no one is going to help me with it. I would need a programmer, BG music director and crap because I am not that multi-talented...

HOTR - The RP is slowing down due to mock exams, but we're still going on. Nothing much. Need to update the HOTR blog but eh... And the game is still under art-planning process. I need people who can draw BGs because I can't draw BGs for life... Everything else is fine, and I'm using Ren'Py for this game.

FF:VE - Ongoing. In my book. I just need to type it in. 8D

Summer Love ~ BTR Fanfic // Something fluffy and cute. And romantic. A bit cliche'd but not so. I was going through a phase during the KCAs, okay?!