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06 March 2011 @ 04:26 am
Fatal Frame : Violet Ember ( Plot )  

T ( Innuendo, gore, blood )

Clueless. Running.

From the violet-colored wisps of flames.

She was the only hope for everyone else; to save this rotten village from the mass arranged by the Malice. Too much was asked. Specific body parts of women.

And this time it was a 14 year's old feet. Feet. She couldn't imagine living without her feet.


She fell. She tripped over roots of a tree. The violet-colored flames slowly approached her and she made her decision.

With her right hand, she took a knife that was hidden in her sash and cut off her feet. The ritual would be a failure. No more women will have to suffer from these pointless rituals.

The reason why the ritual would fail, was because that the Malice would have to suck off her feet from her. She would rather die from loss of blood than of that. It was disgusting.

Darkness enveloped the area; the area hidden in a forest. Long gone.

The Takemori Village ( 竹森村 ; Bamboo-Forest Village ).


10 Years Later

A group of students from all over Japan signed up for a country-side trip; mainly consisting of couples in love and some strange punks. This time, it centers around four students; who are almost strangers to each other. Amaya Saitou, the loner who is anti-social but longs for a friend. Kairin Yoruka, an orphan who skateboards and is actually extremely shy. Rurinko Akahana, a junior of Kairin who looks up to him to the point of idolization and Nicholas von Klein, the one with the ability to sense invisible things.

They meet in the bus and the when the bus suddenly crashes and only they survived... What would happen if they passed through a Shinto gate, with the characters of Takemori Village written on them? Running towards to other side of the gate again pulled them back into the area. What were they supposed to do?