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Fatal Frame : Violet Ember ( Character Profiles )


Mysterious and quiet, this loner lives by herself at a young age due to her parents' divorce. She could not contain her mother's wish for sympathy; so she left. Despite how cold she may seem, she longs for a companion. She has an incredibly weak sixth sense but is able to see ghosts when they are right in front of her.

Name Amaya Saitou (天谷再等)
Age 16 Years Old
BWH 75-62-80 // Height, Weight 5'4", 56kg
Blood-type O
Likes Black, photography, mystery, silence, darkness, ghost stories, urban legends & myths and headphones.
Dislikes Crybabies, betrayal, people and earphones.

Usually quiet, he tends to be pretty shy and nice at the same time. Gets flustered easily. Somewhat naive for a guy of his age, but still tries his best to not be as childish. He has a pretty low temper. Has strong instincts; with a protective nature.
Name Kairin "Kai" Yoruka (会林夜歌)
Age 18 Years Old
Height, Weight 6'1", 82kg
Blood-type A
Likes Tech, books, gadgets, music, headphones, black, casual clothing, hoodies and skateboarding.
Dislikes Mosquitoes, caves, small spaces and mystery.

Easily influenced. She has a crush on Kai because of his kindness. Has a terrible sense of direction, giving this in as a weakness. Despite that, she has a strong physical power.

Name Rurinko Akahana (流林子赤花)
Age 15 Years Old
BWH 63-60-63 // Height, Weight 5'3", 62kg
Blood-type AB
Likes Candy, cakes, Kai, texting, Martial Arts, flowers, phones and just about anything that's cute.
Dislikes Amaya, darkness, dango, ghost stories and liars.

Cute and small, he is actually very sensitive about people making fun of his size. He has a strong sixth sense to the point he can perform telekinesis but is physically weak and slow, if not slightly handicapped due to his permanent injury in his left leg.
Name Nicholas von Klein
Age 16 Years Old
Height, Weight 5'3", 50kg
Blood-type B
Likes Music, photography, history, green tea and urban legends.
Dislikes Couples, the color pure white, aeroplanes, spiderwebs and blood.

Do realize that she didn't draw for me, these are just references for the characters' appearance.
Tags: fanfic, fatal frame, fatal frame : violet ember, horror, japanese, oc, original, rituals, roleplay, romance
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