rikiolicio (rikiolicio) wrote,

Haunt of the Roses

A virus spreading across the world through sleep and dreams.
A mysterious game that brings death to those who plays it.

And four people with strong, symbolic personalities met in their deep slumbers just to find a way back to the living. These four people symbolize the four card suits : spade, heart, club and diamond.

In a revolving world of dreams, they venture to find gems that matches with each of their personalities. With these gemstones, they can find and defeat "The Rose"; the mastermind behind all these complexities. 

What is his reason of creating the virus?
What is the relation between the virus and the game?
How did "The Rose" know these four people?


So... What'd you guys think of that? (: 
It actually started off pretty simple. Four people with their own weapons, stuck in a dream-world fighting zombies but heh, it changed. Into a more solid concept. For more, wait till the VN is done. I've done some simple drawings of the characters, just need to color them in.
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