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03 December 2010 @ 07:58 pm
WORLD VN : Recruiting.  
 Because I love WORLD, ok?

So I asked the rest if they're fine with the idea; Ross hesitated a bit, but he said it's fine. If necessary, so I might not include Noman in the game. = u = That's okay though. Five guys are enough. Anyway, so; in the process of editing the wiki now; updated the front page a bit. I'll need some reminders. The day after tomorrow I'll be heading off to another state for a few days so I might not have internet access, I'm sorry. > A <

Back to WORLD, I need to create Raternalla's page, along with Racula's and Estevo's. Then add the history of the Gardaalne's before everyone thinks I'm God-modding everyone. Ross is also compiling the soundtrack for WORLD. I might as well draw the cover. > u < Anyway, adding to that; the Halloween WORLD we keep postponing. I think I'll write my version somehow, then ask everyone to do so. We'll be an awesome internet phenomenon. xD

Ooooh and also, if anyone would like to apply for anything to help around for WORLD Visual Novel, you are welcome to do so. (:

- will edit the tags later -