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 I've been singing that lately it's not even funny, 'kay?

So earlier today my cat vomited in my room. ; ; Poor thing but he vomited grass so that was healthy, actually. xD
And I have most of the Unova legendariesssssss <3 Reshiram my loooooooove and then there's Virizion and Terrakion. I'm in the process of trying to not overkill Cobalion and Tornadus. 

Still waiting for Vocaloid Idol results! I don't think I can even go through the auditions lolol. 
And I got like 7 RPs in my list currently? xD;; Trying to end WORLD before 2012. Wow, it's been long. Since 11th April 2009. And we're in the final arc now, so yeah. :O Like, three arcs. 2009 - First & second. 2010 - Second. 2011 - Second & Final.
I'm also an animator for VOKEChorus! I think I should advertise that thing here. O:

Please enjoy. :'D I tried so hard to make the video pretty.