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01 March 2011 @ 01:34 am
 Actually, no. I'm just being sarcastic whyyy it's 1:29AM here of course I'm sickening. 


Oh right, I wanted to write scenes for the WORLD otome game. FInally posed there now. And edited the wiki, so if you'd like to know about what WORLD is, go on, click the link and trust me, we won't kill you.

Ok my anemia is kicking in now gtg.
01 March 2011 @ 06:59 pm

It wasn't that hard to detect her. He could easily find her amongst the bush of roses. Her grey hair and pale skin stood out from the green of leaves and red of roses.

She had always been the mysterious one out of the four of them who were stuck in the world of dead... And better yet the most knowledgable. That made her the most suspicious by default. Yet there was something about her that made him feel as though he needed to protect.

Marijie was cute too but she didn't seem to be a type of his and she was flirtatious for one. And another thing about Miyu was her hair and eyes. They were natural but he could tell she wasn't born that way.

'Miyu!' he called out to her, hoping she heard him. She was far too deep in the forests, and she turned to him... With a red nose and flushed cheeks. 'Miyu?'

She bowed her head in despair. Usually Jinya would resolve to ignoring it but ever since the time she started to smile at him, he felt a small bud blossom in his heart.

He ran to her and caught her in his arms. He knew he shouldn't ask. She sobbed in his arms. She had always posed to him as the serious and independent woman... Where did that persona go?

'I'm sorry, Jinya...' she shook as her hands clutched at his sleeves. He was puzzled. For what? 'I... I'm a spy.' Jinya's eyes widened at her confession.

'But Na'iff isn't right! He's just a kid...' he protested. Miyu was in confusion. So was Jinya.

How would that kid named Na'iff, who appeared out of nowhere, know of a spy being in that group? Who could trust him? Of course, he was just a kid. But in this world, everyone and everything could be a threat to them. The four of them are the only people they could trust.

But thanks to the appearance of Na'iff, they could hardly trust one another. And because of that child, Miyu decided to stray away from the group. Only Jinya resolved to finding her. Alex was too busy trying to look for Marijie. Na'iff would be on his own, and Jinya couldn't care less about the kid.

'Miyu... Na'iff is likely the spy himself, and we all know that you do know The Rose in person,' Jinya said as he deducted information in his head. 'And you tried to help us many times. Including when we first met... Remember?'

It was the first day in Thorneapus. They met in the city where it was European style and while Jinya asked her many things, he was about to touch a rose…

A blue rose, to be exact.

It hypnotized him. Sending him to feel the need to touch it. But it was a trap. Beauty deceives. If anyone in the world of Thorneapus touches a rose, they’ll turn into a zombie, and in a permanent coma in their real life. Miyu jumped onto him to push him down to the ground, to make sure he did not touch the rose.

After reminiscing, he then realized that his fingers were running through her gray hair. Her matching gray eyes looked at him with it’s gazing sharpness. It left him speechless. “Jinya?” she was questioning. Why were his fingers running through her hair? It was not a normal gesture.

A hint of red was on Miyu’s pale cheeks. Jinya was flustered. “I’m s-s-sorry!” and he gently pushed her away and turned around. “Let’s… Get you back to Alex and Marijie…” he said, face still flushed in red. Miyu shuffled uncomfortably behind him, and nodded to herself.


Jinya is 100% kouno_utau's. And I tried to keep him in character.
Main storyline is 100% owned by me, kouno_utau (look, get yourself a fine nickname I can call on the net. Unless if you want to stick with Faith), Dfeard and Ami.