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03 September 2011 @ 08:38 am
Ffff, yeah.  
So like. I actually end up writing two chapters of Monochrome Kisses wile I was away. I'm not surprised that I wrote ONLY two chapters when I was away but I am surprised at the fact that I got myself back into a story long abandoned. The names are edited and now that I have full profiles of the important chaaractera, we cool.

Also some girl hates me because I defended the girl who unfollowed her and she called me a useless anime charcter because I use drawn icon. I'm sure that if I use my picture she'll call me ugly.

Oh, anyway. Monochrome Kisses is on Wattpad. And I don't think I can link using the iPad.

Um, wedding to attend and getting a new phone most likely. So... See ya!