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04 October 2011 @ 08:28 am
Haven't been on here for a while, as well as my old blog. Just to tell you guys that my laptop's motherboard crashed down so now I'm using my mom's Acer one for a week hopefully. O: 

Also, yeah. That Monochrome Kisses shit went drowning in there. I wish I can retrieve everything. But yeah, I'm draining my dad's money already since he's already decided to buy me a new laptop. ;;
song: Ma Boy by Sistar19
03 September 2011 @ 08:38 am
So like. I actually end up writing two chapters of Monochrome Kisses wile I was away. I'm not surprised that I wrote ONLY two chapters when I was away but I am surprised at the fact that I got myself back into a story long abandoned. The names are edited and now that I have full profiles of the important chaaractera, we cool.

Also some girl hates me because I defended the girl who unfollowed her and she called me a useless anime charcter because I use drawn icon. I'm sure that if I use my picture she'll call me ugly.

Oh, anyway. Monochrome Kisses is on Wattpad. And I don't think I can link using the iPad.

Um, wedding to attend and getting a new phone most likely. So... See ya!
02 August 2011 @ 09:38 pm
 I'm not talented.

Yeah. I mean, I join all these "idol" contests just for experience and looking at all these people make me feel all worked up thinking that "Oh, maybe I should be as competitive and think I'm the best too!" and then after a while I just become sick of myself. All over again.

Anyway, emo stuff aside... I'm here. Went to visit school and saw kouno_utau  and friends, you know; my juniors back then and now they're the school's senior and I'm an alumni. Wow, it felt really odd to be there and not a student at the same time. I just walked around with Belle and got our copies of the yearbooks. Printing was HORRID. D<

Aaaaand uh, I am nervous for my results; which is in a week. ; ; 

ALSO TO NOTE; lately I haven't been writing, but uh, long story and I don't want to go into it again and make myself miserable so uh, it's okay. I'll just be quiet and note you guys that I haven't been writing. It's so chronic I can't even write a simple romance drabble. I'm sorry. I'll try my best but it's really taking a while.
 I've been singing that lately it's not even funny, 'kay?

So earlier today my cat vomited in my room. ; ; Poor thing but he vomited grass so that was healthy, actually. xD
And I have most of the Unova legendariesssssss <3 Reshiram my loooooooove and then there's Virizion and Terrakion. I'm in the process of trying to not overkill Cobalion and Tornadus. 

Still waiting for Vocaloid Idol results! I don't think I can even go through the auditions lolol. 
And I got like 7 RPs in my list currently? xD;; Trying to end WORLD before 2012. Wow, it's been long. Since 11th April 2009. And we're in the final arc now, so yeah. :O Like, three arcs. 2009 - First & second. 2010 - Second. 2011 - Second & Final.
I'm also an animator for VOKEChorus! I think I should advertise that thing here. O:

Please enjoy. :'D I tried so hard to make the video pretty.
03 July 2011 @ 09:00 pm
 Like. Seriously. I have no idea what progress am I supposed to put here. xD;; WORLD is slow, simply because a lot of planning is in process. Adhelm Burton is growing and apparently we're going into the main plot/first arc now (this looks promising, to be honest.) while... I'm just not sure what to do in Final Frontier. Also, joined Maki's Mass Effect RP. 8D Fff- sorry, I'm such a fangirl. > > And I love Sci-Fi, okay?

Anywayyyyyyy, new stuffs!
- I'm actually joining an anime-chorus thing, as a singer/voice-actor and mixer! :D It's called Antitheticals. I wanted to be an artist, but found out it'll be too hard for me to draw stuffs like that because my style is more to manga/illustration than anime-style. ^^;; Also, I'll be one of the antagonists so look forward to it! :D (Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy)
- I'm in SymphoniaChorus as Megurine Luka. :3
- And wayyyyyyyyyyyy into Maximum Ride it's not even a joke.

Most of all, but not least.
- I fell in love with Iggy and Fang. /shot

Is there anyone who would like to private RP with me? D: Maximum Ride, I mean?
24 June 2011 @ 03:17 am
 Well... Yeah, got bored and decided I should draw a quickie with my tablet and... Poof.

Yeah, that bored. That means there's the other three possible pairings minus the antagonists. >  >  I don't think Miyu can even reach up if she does have a picture with Alex orz. 6'3" > 5'2". Anyway, enjoy; but I doubt anyone's looking so eh. :'D
22 June 2011 @ 12:01 am
 Translating the 5927 doujinshi I'm helping jote_jote with.

-- Adding to that, I had 407 subs... Until I uploaded a new song. I lost 2.

And after that, you know what happens when a girl PMS'? Yeah. That happened.
20 June 2011 @ 01:48 pm
I haven't been writing over here.

But school ended, and even so don't expect me to go rape my LJ, I'm more to raping my depressing blog. Despite that, I have been playing too much Pokemon Black arghhh need to defeat the Elite Four now, so I'm training my Pokemons and like all of them are now at Lvl 44. o.o'' I love Generation V so much! And my character (Chou) just seems to have the best... Idk, trainer card. xD I picked her as an Ace Trainer and a Naughty nature haha. :D

Also, I have been pretty busy - first three days of holidays I had been out - writing seminar for two days and then a whole day out with my friends for Galactic Laser Tag. That was fun! kouno_utau  was there too! :D By the end of the Laser Tag sessions though all our legs were dead. xD 

I bought Pokemon Black on that dayyyyy! /shot

Anyway, after those three days - I was sick for how long and I'm still coughing now; just got my antibiotic a few nights ago... And.. Yeah, still recovering over here. :|

So... I need time to go catch up with my singing and RPs and animations... And yeah, procrastination from all these things I enjoy are gone... I just need time to make up for the late fanfic chapters though.

And with that I poof.
04 May 2011 @ 06:07 pm
Been hanging out on DR (DigitalRevolution) more often lately.
And turns out they're likely to revamp DDF (thedigiport Forums) into a Pokemon community. Oh Lord, help us. Anything to relive the bonds we had. I surfed through my old RPs over there, re-read Digimon : In The Sky and... Missed it. I really loved Kaori. But anyway, I created a Character Database for her over on DR, so at least she has some kind of memorial thing. xD;; And if you'd like to see it, click here.

And, I appeared in like, three-four choruses. But I'm re-animating one of them so that one does not count for now. ;D Anyway!
- crack // 5 people chorus
- SPiCA // 9 people chorus
- Pallette (not the final result.) // mass-chorus (30+ people)

We had a HUUUUUUUUUGEEEEEE conversation about re-living Adhelm Burton, that old RP I had on DDF, so. That's right. We're re-living that thing once again! Well, mainly because everyone's been pushing me but I updated it; added some things just so the story is slightly bit more solid!

Here's the link if you'd like to join! I'm always accepting more and more characters but do realize you have to get a 'yes' from me and actually have a proper character... So don't whine if I don't approve your character. I only accept if I know I can trust you with it, and you have to show by following the rules stated.

Don't worry, no one's abandoning WORLD! ITS HERE AND ALIVE!


So this post is slightly link-heavy, but I hope that's fine because no one looks at my blog anyway. xD
18 April 2011 @ 01:44 am
 Nyah. Videos embedded don't really want to appear it's pissing me off. o.o'' And I'm such a Wapanese. <3

Btw, sang "Pray for" and "Omoide Kakera" (Memory Fragments) but still waiting for an illustration to match with my Memory Fragments yayayayay finally getting my own PV so I can cross-upload on Nicodou and Youtube. * v * Well actually I don't have as much hope for the illustration because I suck at singing. xD;; She is the artist I requested for the illustration from because her art style is so abstract, just what's needed for Memory Fragments. o v o

I swear Ai did a great job mixing ahhhnnn. <3

Btw, yep; working on the pictures for HOTR, I think I need someone to scan... Whoever who has a good scanner. Or like a good tablet so they can lineart the thing for me. 8D;; Then again I'll color and hopefully I'll do a great job. I really like the rich storyline ahhhhnnn. <3 I think I'm fangirl-ing over my (and friends) story. And characters too ahaha I am really strange.

Btw, go stalk kouno_utau . She makes a great RPer. 8D Hopefully the rest of the crew of HOTR will make their own Livejournal so they can post up here. o v o The RP will soon be up on hotr_rp .

Adding to that, sketches, progress etc will soon be posted up once I know someone who doesn't mind scanning things for me. xD;;